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Version complète : Extraudio DAC 1 MKII
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Greetings from Australia

Recently acquired an Extraudio DAC 1 MKII
Does anyone know how to turn off the digital antialiasing filters please?
I have been cycling through and it goes Red > Pale Orange > Solid Orange > Green.
Cannot seem to turn it off?

Appreciate your input.

Merci beaucoup
Hi Marco,

You should DM Juan, jcnb68 on this forum. He works with the brand and will be happy to help.
Thanks thomasv
Shall try Juan
Hi, It's not possible to turn it off.
Salut welcome. I hope you find a solution.
Do you speak music ?
Hello, welcome MichaelWittmann Smile
Welcome  Michael,... Smile
Hi Michael and welcome,
Here its a french spoken forum so could you use a translator please ?
Bonjour à tous

Merci pour l’accueil.

Merci à manu67 pour la clarification du filtre.

Aussi étrange que le site Web l’indique, il pourrait être désactivé...

Hope that makes sense as I used Google translate